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As a landlord, you want to do everything in your power to maximise revenue. But with so much to do, there’s a danger you’ll find yourself too busy to achieve your goal. If this sounds familiar, you should consider employing a property management company. It’s an investment that may well pay off. Here’s why:

Better tenants

Property management companies can carry out in-depth tenant screenings for you. This is a huge help if you do not have the time or know-how to run credit and background checks. It could mean the reassurance that you have good tenants, who will take care of your residential properties and pay their rent on time.

Reliable cash flow

Property managers ensure that you receive rent from your tenants each month. They are essentially the go-betweens, who will make sure that tenants make payments as agreed in their contracts, saving you a lot of hassle.

No added legal fees

Management agents are trained in landlord and tenant law. Therefore, they can handle any kind of litigation for you. This encompasses a number of legal aspects including non-payment and evictions, for example.

Shorter vacant periods

Residential property managers can help reduce the time it takes to fill your properties. Their expertise means they can suggest the improvements that will appeal to potential tenants. They will also help you determine the optimal rental price. Plus, they will advertise your property effectively, meaning you get a large pool of applicants as quickly as possible.

Fewer maintenance headaches

One of the best things about using a property management company is their extensive network of contractors, employed to carry out maintenance work on your property. With their local knowledge, property managers can select their contractors carefully, finding trustworthy people who offer best value.

Greater returns

Property managers can help you retain the value of your property, in the long-term, by advising you on the measures needed to prevent costly repairs further down the line. Moreover, they will recommend any renovations that they believe will increase the value of your property.

Less stress, more freedom

Personal benefits come with employing a property management service. If you no longer need to chase rental payments or find the best contractor, you may find yourself with a lot more free-time – and a bit less stress too!

Property management companies help you get the most from being a landlord. They also allow you to focus your energy elsewhere, which gives you the time and space to grow your business. If you are looking for a quality service in SE1, central London, and the surrounding areas then take a look at our property management page.