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Refer your landlord (or any landlord!) to Garrett Whitelock and upon a successfful let we'll pay you £500! Simple as that.

Simply call us on 0207 407 4586 and mention this offer when referring a landlord. Alternatively you can email us at 

*terms and conditions apply

Terms and Conditions

1.1 The referral fee shall be paid once a landlord has been referred to Garrett Whitelock and landlord subsequently instructs Garrett Whitelock to market their property, a tenant is found and a tenancy begins. The fee shall be paid no later than 14 days after the start date of the tenancy and will be paid to a nominated bank account by way of bank transfer.

1.2 The referral fee is a one off fee for the initial introduction of a landlord to Garrett Whitelock. If the landlord has several properties only one referral shall be paid upon the commencement of the first tenancy that Garrett Whitelock arranges e.g. the referral fee shall not be paid multiple times for different properties. No other referral fees shall be paid.

1.3 A referral fee will only be paid if the landlord is unknown to Garrett Whitelock before the introduction. If the landlord is known to Garrett Whitelock or is a current client of Garrett Whitelock no referral fee will be paid.

1.4 A referral fee will be paid for each landlord introduced to Garrett Whitelock subject to the terms listed in clause 1.1 of these terms and conditions. Where a property is owned by two or more persons only one referral will be paid

1.5 This promotion can be withdrawn at any time by Garrett Whitelock.