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If you have young children and are looking to move, local schools are probably high on your property search criteria. London SE1 has a range of great state primaries, faith schools and academies, with many rated good and outstanding.  

How to find out more

Choosing a primary school for your child could be the weightiest decision you’ve made so far. You can check out Ofsted reports, league tables and good school guides for the official line on quality of teaching and academic standards. But it’s important to visit the schools and get a feel for how well they will suit your child. It's worth noting too that an outstanding school may not have been inspected by Ofsted in a decade or more.

Remember too that, in many cases, the most sought-after schools take children from a very small geographic area, while in many faith schools some or all of the places are offered to regular worshipers.  

You can find out more about schools in SE1 by reading the local authority school admissions guides for Southwark and Lambeth boroughs.

How to apply

When applying for state primary schools you may state up to six preferences, from one or more local authority area. To make sure you receive an offer of a place, you should use all of your six preferences and include schools where you have a realistic chance of being offered a place, based on the allocation in previous years. Online school applications usually open in September for children starting in reception the following year and close in January.

The schools

If you’re looking at property in SE1, with a view to finding a local school, read on for a rundown of primaries, their Ofsted ratings and entry requirements.

Charles Dickens Primary School  

Toulmin Street, Borough

Charles Dickens Primary is an outstanding foundation school in Southwark. It aims to put academic excellence, creativity and social intelligence at the heart of everything it does, to give each child the best primary experience. In 2018 the school received 200 applications for 60 places.

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Boutcher Church of England Primary School

Grange Road, Bermondsey

According to Ofsted, this Church of England school in Bermondsey, “Provides an outstanding all-round education for its pupils in an oasis of peace, happiness and calm". It is a one-form entry school with 30 places a year, and church-goers in certain parishes are given preference.

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Phoenix Primary School

Marlborough Grove


A failing school a decade ago, Phoenix Primary is now outstanding in all areas. It’s a large, three form entry school and in 2018 all applicants received a place.

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The Cathedral School of St Saviour and St Mary Overy

Redcross Way, Southwark

This small Church of England foundation primary was last inspected by Ofsted in 2008. The report said: “The Cathedral School of St Saviour and St Mary Overy is an outstanding school, which prepares pupils extremely well for the future.”  The school aims to provide an education based on Christian principles and half of each year’s places are allocated local churchgoers.

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Oasis Academy Johanna

Johanna Street, Lower Marsh

This small Waterloo academy is rated good by Ofsted, which says, “Leaders and teachers ensure that pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is good. As a result, pupils have a positive approach to their work, listen carefully and answer questions confidently.” It is part of the Oasis Waterloo community hub and church.

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Ark Globe Academy

Harper Road

Opened in 2008 by the Ark academy chain, this site provides primary, secondary and sixth form education. It is Ofsted rated good and its 2018 interim report says that, “Pupils’ and students’ outcomes are strong and improving.”

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Snowsfields Primary School  

Kirby Grove  

Snowsfields is a small school with 28 places a year, plus a base for children with autism. It is part of The Bridges Federation of schools, which also includes nearby Tower Bridge and Robert Browning primaries.  The school is Ofsted-rated good and its report says, “Pupils’ behaviour is impeccable... Pupils learn and play well with each other and are very respectful of the adults who look after them.”

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Tower Bridge Primary School

Fair Street, Bermondsey

Also part of the Bridges Federation, Tower Bridge was in the top 1% of primary schools in England for their reading results at Key Stage 2 in 2018. It is rated good by Ofsted.

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St Jude's Church of England Primary School

Colnbrook Street, Elephant and Castle

Ofsted says of this good-rated school: “Pupils are very happy at St Jude’s. They are quick to welcome visitors. Pupils talk openly and enthusiastically about their learning in lessons and the fun they have in the playground.” St Jude’s is a small, one form entry school and in 2018 all applicants received a place.

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St George's Cathedral Catholic Primary School

Lambeth Road, Elephant and Castle

This two-form entry Catholic primary has been improving since it was rated ‘requires improvement’ by Ofsted in 2016 and is now ‘good’. Ofsted says: “Leaders have clear, ambitious aspirations for the school, and these are shared and understood by the school community.” The school was undersubscribed in 2018.

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Grange Primary School

Webb Street, Bermondsey

Grange is rated good by Ofsted, which says, “Pupils enjoy a stimulating curriculum, which is reflected well in each classroom across the school. The variety and range of extra-curricular clubs promotes pupils’ interests effectively.” In 2018 all applicants were offered a place.

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Friars Primary Foundation School  

Webber Street, Blackfriars

This one form entry school in Bankside has, according to Ofsted, "A warm and caring family atmosphere in which each child is known and valued as an individual.”

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Not in SE1, but close by are:

Albion Primary School

Albion Street, Bermondsey

According to Ofsted this two-form entry school provides, “An outstanding quality of education and serves its local community exceptionally well”. The furthest distance from the school at which a place was offered in 2018 was 1,321m.

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Crampton Primary

Iliffe Street, Walworth

Ofsted says that, “By the end of Year 6, [Crampton pupils] reach standards which are above average in reading, writing and mathematics.” It is a local authority school with just 30 places in reception. In 2018 you needed to live no more than 680m from the school to get a place.

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If you are looking for a home to buy or rent close to an SE1 school, contact us to discuss your requirements or have a look at our range of properties today.