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A captive audience

The Clink dates back to 1144 and is probably the oldest prison in England. The name is thought to be onomatopoeic in origin, derived from the sound of rattling chains or the prison’s doors being bolted shut. Stretching on the rack, breaking on the wheel, and the use of the torture chair and foot crusher were everyday events here. Henry VIII even legalised boiling in oil for women who’d murdered their husbands, and famous inmates have included members of the Gunpowder and Babington Plots. The expression ‘in the Clink’ has become British slang for being in prison and is used to this day, though nowadays the site is a tourist attraction with the emphasis on fun rather than fatality.

We won’t lock you in

With a proven track record for success in London Bridge, at Garrett Whitelock we’ve no need to lock our clients into any long-term agreements. If you’re unhappy with our service at any stage, you’re free to go elsewhere. Not that we think you’ll want to…with our extensive local area knowledge, years of experience in the London residential property market, realistic valuations, friendly disposition, and a queue of buyers and tenants waiting for a property like yours, we can help to sell or let your property for the optimum price in record time. In fact, the only ‘clink’ involved will be the clinking of glasses to celebrate a successful transaction.

To arrange a complimentary no-obligation market appraisal of your property, call us today on
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