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The Government is pledging £38 million to provide housing for Londoners at risk of losing their homes.

Secretary of State for Housing and Communities, James Brokenshire, explained that the new Capital Letters scheme will involve London councils working together to provide a safety net for vulnerable families, who could otherwise face homelessness.   

He said: “Everyone deserves a safe and secure home. I’ve seen for myself how hard each of the London boroughs works to provide those that are homeless with the support they need and a roof over their heads.

“This radical new way of working, and unprecedented collaboration between the boroughs and government, will make a real difference – providing more accommodation for the vulnerable and helping them to get back on their feet and away from homelessness for good.”

The scheme is part of a government £1.2 billion investment in tackling homelessness. It will see London boroughs working jointly; using their collective buying power to secure the best housing options for Londoners.

Eleven London boroughs have so far signed up to the scheme, with more expected to come on board in the future. Together they will establish the not-for-profit company to deliver the Capital Letters programme and manage the homes which will be provided.

It is forecast that the scheme will help 35,000 London households avoid homelessness over three years. It will also give people a better chance of remaining close to their current home, reducing the risk of disruption to family members’ education and employment.

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Photo Credit - Richard Harris Coaching